Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lake State Fishing

Lake State Fishing Minnesota Fishing News, Try out some new water today and get good success.
Today but I caught 8 walleyes from 12″ to 17″, kept 5. Pitching 1/8th oz char. jig with char. ripple shad in two to five foot of water off the edge of some shoreline rocks.  This is one of the best fall bites for me in years. Can’t catch fish unless you have your hook in the water.
For the Fall try plastic lures over than live bait… reel and pause, with a few jerks, keeps the action going when I’m in the water.
Fill the Fall. Night fishing with the full moon, on some lakes it seems like you can catch just small fish  and on other lakes all I can catch are larger fish. Posted originally at

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